001 - An EOS Island with Jill Young

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This episode features Jill Young. Jill is a former entrepreneur turned Certified EOS® Implementer and author of the books EARN IT! and IN COURAGE.

We dive into the common trait she sees in successful companies, how employees asking for a raise is a win-win, and how she brings leaders together to get more out of their EOS journey.


Meet Jill Young:

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I learned the advantages of having a clear vision and doing what you say you’ll do, from an early age. I witnessed and participated in the struggles and successes of the family business, and those experiences influenced who I am as a business leader today.

After earning a BS in Psychology and an MBA, I held leadership positions in the industries of HR, For-Profit Education, and Professional Training. Before becoming an EOS implementer full time, I was the President of a forward thinking, business solutions-based CPA firm. My role was to advise and guide the business owners that we served, using the EOS tools.

Having been a Certified EOS Implementer since 2014, I’ve had the honor of Implementing EOS with over 80 companies and I continue to coach AWESOME Entrepreneurs in Texas who are on a journey to become their BEST (no Wimps or Dictators allowed : ))! I am the author of “Earn It! The tools you need to earn the money you want!”, a book written to the employees of Entrepreneurial companies that teaches that they must provide more value in order to get paid more.

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