Who is this podcast for?

We interview entrepreneurs and implementers, but our focus is 100% on being helpful to companies that run on EOS®.

How often do you post new episodes?

New episodes coming your way every two weeks. We’re as excited as you are for that next taste of greatness.

Can I sponsor the podcast

That’s possible. The most important thing is that you are a company fits these criteria:

  • You RUN EOS

  • You have an offering well suited for companies that run EOS.

  • You have an amazing track record for delivering excellence and value.

If you believe that’s you then let’s talk.


Why do you do this podcast?

There are a few reasons that we love this podcast. The most important by far is that we love the community of EOS and want to give back to it. The second is that we’re totally selfish and want to grow our influence as implementers.

Can I be a guest on the podcast?

Yes! Probably. Maybe?

Don’t know unless we talk about it. We love EOS Stories, so if you have one, let’s explore. If you are interested, drop us a line here.

how big are chris white’s hands?

If Thor and Hulk had a baby and donated on of his hands to “hands for hunks” - Chris is basically a recipient.

What is EOS?

If you are a business leader interested in learning more about EOS. There’s two things you need to do right now!

  1. Order your copy of Traction.

  2. Schedule a call with us to learn how to get what you want out of your business.