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Chris White

Chris is a 3rd generation entrepreneur. Over the years, Chris has developed and strengthened his entrepreneurial skills through direct experience, keen observations, education, and a strong work ethic, all the while learning from his mistakes.

Chris worked for a Motorola distribution company where he took neglected territories and increased sales and profit margins 110%.

Embarking on his own ventures, Chris partnered with a software engineer to build a POS software program, which he later sold to a Fortune 500 company. He than was able to duplicate his success twice-over in the medical EHR space. Chris now dedicates his time to teaching the EOS model to business owners across the country.

Chris is uniquely qualified to coach and facilitate through helping business leaders clarify, simplify and achieve their visions. His passion and dedication as a full-time implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System is contagious!


Benj Miller

Benj is a proven entrepreneur who values character, culture and innovation. He founded his first company 15 years ago as the strategist and visionary behind Syrup Marketing, where he has launched hundreds of brands for clients -- and seven additional operating companies of his own.

One constant runs through all that Benj does: he has a passion for creating amazing organizational culture … culture that pours into people; that develops and sustains them. Notably, he brings that heart to his family, too -- his wife of 20 years and their four young children!

Benj’s EOS journey started with an implementation during a merger of two of his companies. It was such a success that he implemented at all of his other companies, then created one of the two licensed EOS software platforms and is now helping others do the same as an EOS Implementer.